The global cannabidiol (CBD) market is expected to increase at an annual growth rate of 21.2% from 2021 to 2028. This continuous rise in demand for CBD is mainly due to its reported healing properties and several other benefits that it has to offer.

Today, several people across America use various CBD-infused products to help manage pain, anxiety as a supplement, and more.

Consumers have access to different CDB products such as CBD balm for pain that they can use to manage mild, acute, and chronic pain.

If you are new to CBD balm, here are some tips that will help you get the best out of your balm.

1. Buy From Trusted Brands

The first step to ensuring that you enjoy the benefits of CBD as a pain reliever is to ensure that you buy original products from trusted brands. Several people have fallen victim to fake CBD products and this is very risky.

Since this is a topical product, it is vital to know if it can irritate your skin or cause any allergic reaction. One way to know if the product is safe is to check the ingredients. When buying CBD balm, you should ensure that it is made from 100% natural ingredients.

Natural ingredients such as jojoba oil and menthol can provide moisture that will also help nourish and protect your skin. When buying CBD products, it may also be a good idea to know if the product has full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD.

Regardless of your choice, make sure that the balm contains less than 0.3% THC. Any product with a higher concentration of THC is illegal and can show up in a drug test.

2. Identify the Sore Spot

Before using Topical CBD, you need to determine the exact area to treat. While this might sound obvious, the sensation of pain in the body can either be direct or indirect.

For example, if the source of pain is a broken toe, you may end up with lateral knee pain. Applying the balm to the knee will be ineffective.

If there are no specific nagging areas, you can focus on some common spots such as the soles of your feet, neck, wrists, knees, temples or any other joints. This can be especially helpful if you are dealing with arthritis.

You can also talk to your doctor to help you determine the direct source of your pain so that you can concentrate on that spot when using the balm.

3. Clean the Affected Area

The skin is exposed to germs, dust, bacteria and several other contaminants. In addition, it generates an oily protective film known as sebum that helps it maintain moisture.

When left unclean, these particles can prevent the abortion of CBD topical products such as CBD balm.

Therefore, before applying CBD balm for pain you should clean and dry the affected spot thoroughly to open up the pores. This will help get rid of all the oil and dirt that may have accumulated on the skin and allow easy absorption.

CBD balms, oils, and balms are also known to penetrate better when they are warm. Warmth also opens up the pores, increases circulation and allows for better penetration. So, you may want to wrap the cleaned area to warm it up.

If possible, you should also wear loose-fitting clothes that do not soak up or rub the balm once you apply it.

4. Apply Enough CBD Balm for Pain

One of the most common questions that people ask when using this product is how much CBD balm to use. Unlike prescription medicine, there is no right or wrong dose when it comes to CBD balm.

If you have a high-quality product you can use as little as possible and get its pain-relieving effect.

Remember, CBD is not psychoactive because it does not contain THC. Therefore, whether you use a minimal amount or multiple applications you should feel its effects without the negative effects of THC.

In addition, topical CBD such as the balm is faster reacting and you can feel its effects within minutes of application. To know the right amount of balm to use, you can start with applying a small amount and gradually increasing it until you experience relief.

Apply the balm directly on the affected spot like you would any other moisturizer or pain balm. Use your fingers to spread and rub the product into the skin well. Use a circular motion to ensure that it penetrates your pores easily.

When applying the balm, try not to apply too much pressure but be firm. Finally, wash your hands to get rid of the oils and any other ingredients that can make your hands oily and sticky.

Once you have applied the product, wait about an hour to feel the effects. Only reapply the balm as directed on the package.

5. Adjust Your Expectations

While CBD is known to act as a potent treatment against inflammatory pain and inflammation by stopping the release of inflammatory cytokines and stimulating cell receptors, do not expect a prolonged period of chronic pain or a lifetime of arthritis to cease immediately.

Rather prepare for mild or subtle relief as you continue to use it. CBD oil and balm will give you a chance to explore other pain-relieving options.
If you are on any other treatment of medication, it may be ideal to consult your physician before using any CBD product.

Use High-Quality CBD Balm to Manage Pain

Using CBD balm for pain, creams, oils, and balms for topical pain relief has several benefits and will provide you with the relief you need. You will enhance your life, continue with your day-to-day activities with no pain and very minimal side effects.

Not all CBD products are the same, to enjoy maximum benefits, you should always buy from the best. Our products are made from 100% natural ingredients and will suit needs.

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